Is Orange County a Desirable Place to Live? - An Expert's Perspective

Orange County, California, is renowned for its attractiveness and prosperity, thanks to its close proximity to many attractions and services.

Laguna Beach

is the art capital of Orange County, having been founded by a group of artists in the 1920s. It still retains its artistic identity, with even the chairs at bus stops designed by local artists from the Laguna College of Art and Design (LCAD). Every summer, the city holds its historic Arts Festival and Teacher's Competition, as well as the Sawdust Art Festival.

The rolling hills and rocky shoreline make it easy to understand why artists were drawn to this place and how it has become one of the most luxurious places to live in Southern California. The Laguna Beach lifestyle is all about having fun and enjoying the unique events that the city has to offer, as well as much more to discover. Popular neighborhoods include The Village, in the center of the city, and the gated beachfront community of Emerald Bay. Yorba Linda is often identified as one of the wealthiest cities in the United States.

According to the Census Bureau, Yorba Linda is a suburban city with a thriving labor market. Although it doesn't have its own police department, the Brea Police are successfully patrolling it and it's one of the safest cities in Orange County. It's still one of the safest places to live in Southern California. Yorba Linda is an amazing place to live with a variety of real estate to choose from, including luxury homes on spacious lots with panoramic views of Orange County.

Equestrian properties are very popular among Yorba Linda residences, and the city offers more space to relax and enjoy your hobbies. Dana Point was first seen by Richard Dana who called it “the only romantic spot on the coast” due to its coastal cliffs and tide pools that run along the beach. This idyllic example of life in Southern California makes it popular with locals. In addition, Dana Point is home to some of the best beaches in Orange County.

The downtown Dana Point lantern district has also recently been revitalized, and has all of the city's incredible shops, restaurants, businesses, and more things to do. Irvine is often considered as one of the most popular places to live in Orange County. It's characterized by its large open spaces and wide streets, a welcome change from the compact life of Southern California. The FBI has determined that Irvine is the safest big city in the United States for nine years running.

As the business center of Orange County and home to the University of California, Irvine, a premier research school, Irvine is a destination for many. With great public schools and incredible weather, Irvine is one of the best cities in Orange County. Aliso Viejo is a quiet inner suburb of Orange County that is governed by the motto “Live, Work, Learn, Shop and Play”. With lively weekend entertainment, 21 parks and an urban center within three miles of each resident, Aliso Viejo is an ideal environment for growing families.

Seal Beach also offers excellent schools serviced by the Los Alamitos School District. Seal Beach's most popular neighborhoods are located close to the coast and inland you'll find Leisure World community for people over 55 years old. Small, safe, well-planned neighborhoods give Lake Forest an irresistible charm. The landscape is full of hills and true to its name there are plenty of trees.

Although Lake Forest is a suburban dream it's close to Irvine -the business center of Orange County- making it a prime location for young professionals and established families. Orange County is one of California's most populated counties so there are plenty of places to choose from. Aliso Viejo does not suffer more than 450 serious crimes each year -of which only 5% are violent- making it one of the safest cities in Orange County. In Orange County you'll never be too far from Los Angeles or San Diego and you can enjoy beautiful beaches and great food any time of year.

Even though Orange County can be expensive there are plenty of affordable and safe options throughout the county. The Orange County Health Care Agency takes care of you and your family providing access to all types of health services. Anaheim is often thought to be part of Los Angeles County when in fact it is a major city in Orange County. When moving around efficiently hiring local Orange County movers is key.

Thanks to them you can make use of some great moving tricks that will ease your transition into this amazing county. Whether you're looking for luxury living or just want a safe place for your family to call home, Orange County has something for everyone.

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