What is the Average Cost of Utilities for Businesses in Orange County, CA?

Are you looking to save money on your business's utilities in Orange County, CA? With a total generation of 5,003,057.74 megawatt hours, Orange County ranks 12th among the 58 counties with the highest electricity generation in California. Unfortunately, the county has seen a 5.15% increase in the burning of non-renewable fuel sources for electricity generation over the past year, which is higher than the U. S. average of 2.45%.Orange County is the sixth most populous county in the nation, boasting 3,182,923 citizens.

The average home price in the U. per kilowatt-hour is 15.34 cents, while residents of Orange County pay an average rate of 28.90 cents per kilowatt-hour - 88.37% higher than the national average. The county is home to 31 power plants, making it the thirteenth largest number of plants within a California county. Orange County's capacity to provide 6,884 megawatts of electricity from hydroelectric energy sources has led it to rank 491st among the 3221 counties in the country that generate the most hydroelectric energy. The cost of living in Orange County is 48.15% lower than in your current city. By total number of customers, Anaheim Public Utilities is the largest electric company in Orange County, California.

There are four electric companies in Orange County that report energy losses: Anaheim Public Utilities, Southern California Edison and San Diego Gas and Electric. Depending on the intensity and number of hours of sunlight in Orange County, California, businesses may need a 4.6 kilowatt (kW) solar panel system to offset 100% of their annual electricity consumption of 8,316 kWh per year.

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