What is the Cost of Living in Orange County, CA?

Orange County, California is one of the most expensive cities in the United States, with housing costs 157% higher than the national average and transportation costs 29% higher than the national average. Food prices are 11% higher than the national average. The cost of living in Orange County is estimated at 148.5% of the national average, according to the C2ER (the Economic and Community Research Council). To figure out your cost of living in Orange County, you need to take into account your household composition (single or married, number of children) and homeownership status (renting or owning).

The minimum wage you need to live comfortably in Orange County is the sum of your daily expenses (food, utilities, transportation, entertainment), your monthly costs related to housing (rent, mortgage, insurance, maintenance), any debt expenses (monthly interest payments and principal payments), as well as your savings and investment objectives. The Cost of Living Index estimates that the cost of housing in Orange County represents 248.2% of the national average. A cost of living calculator can be a great tool to help you assess how much you'll need to earn to live comfortably in Orange County. The calculator will give you a breakdown of your monthly spending on food, utilities, transportation, housing, health care, and other miscellaneous items.

It's important to take into account several expenses that you are going to make in your daily life (housing, food, public services, transportation, entertainment, etc.) when calculating your cost of living. The user agrees that the party or parties that prevail in any action brought to enforce or for breach of these Terms of Use shall have the right to recover, in addition to any other remedy, reasonable attorneys' fees and court costs incurred in such action by the party or parties that do not prevail. Understanding the expected costs at Orange County can help you determine if a given wage is a living wage. So plan ahead to ensure that your net income meets your needs and wants, so that you can live comfortably in Orange County.

The cost of living index allows you to directly compare what it costs to live in one area with another, helping you understand how far your money can go in each location. The cost of living in Orange County is 48.15% lower than in your current city.

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